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本文摘要:The recent update to Apple’s tablet product line leaves open a number of questions, but the biggest one is ‘which iPad should I buy, the iPad Air or the new iPad mini?’ Having reviewed both the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina Displa


The recent update to Apple’s tablet product line leaves open a number of questions, but the biggest one is ‘which iPad should I buy, the iPad Air or the new iPad mini?’ Having reviewed both the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina Display here on Forbes, it’s not an easy decision to make.苹果平板电脑产品线的最近改版留给了很多疑惑,其中仅次于的疑惑是:“应当卖哪款iPad?是iPad Air,还是配有Retina显示屏的iPad mini(下全称iPad Mini 2)?”我早已在福布斯网站上分别公开发表了iPad Air和iPad Mini 2的评测文章,但至于到底该卖哪一款,这依然是个艰苦的要求。Of course there are two more iPads out there that need to be acknowledged. Apple has retained the iPad 2, and while it might be a non-threatening option for those coming to the tablet space, its age and similar price to the iPad mini with Retina Display rules it out for the majority of consumer sales. On reflection I suspect that the iPad 2 remains ranged due to the huge number of educational markets that are equipped with this variant of the tablet and a number of 30-pin dock connector accessories.当然,必需否认还有另外两款iPad可供选择。苹果依然保有了iPad 2,但它会对平板电脑新品构成威胁。iPad 2不仅公布时间较幸,而且价格与带上视网膜屏的iPad mini相似,这使它会沦为大多数消费者的自由选择。

我猜测,iPad 2之所以仍并未下架,原因之一是大量的教育机构都配有了这款平板电脑,还有其30针底座连接器的适当配件。The original iPad mini also remains ranged, and is the lowest priced iPad that Apple has on sale. As a second tablet for around the home, perhaps for younger members of the family, the iPad mini makes some commercial sense, especially if you have to buy multiple units. But unless price is a major concern, I would urge consumers to look up at the iPad mini with Retina Display or the iPad Air.初代iPad mini也并未下架,是市面上最低廉的iPad产品。作为家里的可用(或是为家里小孩打算的)平板电脑,初代iPad mini在商业上依然具备不存在意义,特别是在是在你被迫出售多台设备的情况下。但除非价格是主要考虑到因素,否则我建议消费者自由选择iPad mini 2或者iPad Air。

Both the 7.9 inch mini, and the 9.7 inch Air, have drawn elements from each other. The iPad mini with Retina Display has received a comparatively large jump in specifications, bringing it in line with the iPad Air. There is a very slight performance increase in the iPad Air’s A7 (it runs at 1.4GHz, compared to 1.3GHz on the iPad mini with Retina Display, and the iPhone 5S). This tiny bump aside, you no longer have to trade performance for the smaller size of the 2013 iPad mini edition.7.9英寸的iPad mini 2和9.7英寸的iPad Air都糅合了彼此的元素。iPad mini 2的配备有较小提高,与iPad Air相差无几。

iPad Air的A7处理器性能略强(运营频率为1.4GHz,而iPad mini 2和iPhone 5S为1.3GHz)。除了这个微小的差距以外,尺寸较小的2013版iPad mini在性能方面与iPad Air比起毫不逊色。In the same breath, the styling of the iPad Air owes far more to the design that debuted with the iPad mini last year than previous editions of the full-sized Apple tablet. With a much reduced bezel on the side of the screen, and a similar size at top and bottom, the iPad Air’s footprint is much reduced (and the thickness drops to 7.5 mm, which is astonishingly thin). It feels far more fashionable and well designed than the older generation, and of course matches up with the iPad mini to create an almost cohesive look when the iPad’s are all on sale together.同时,iPad Air的风格更加看起来去年iPad mini首次使用的那种设计,而不看起来前几代的全尺寸苹果平板电脑。

iPad Air的屏幕边框更加较宽,顶部和底部的大小与iPad mini类似于,因此闲置面积大大减少(而且厚度降到7.5毫米,厚得难以置信)。与前代产品比起,iPad Air相比之下更为时尚、设计更为精致,但它还是能跟iPad mini构建外观上的极致交会,使得所有iPad产品放在一起时仍能构成人与自然的整体外观。


When you line up specifications, when capabilities are equal across the board, and when the back-end software and support are identical, there’s not a lot of distinction to make between the two tablets apart from size, and I think that’s where the decision has to be made.在配备相近、性能非常、后末端软件和反对完全相同的情况下,iPad Air和iPad mini 2没过于大区别,除了尺寸,而我指出,尺寸就是下要求的关键点。Think about how you would use a tablet throughout the day. If you are someone looking for a tablet to use while moving around, while standing up, and generally holding in one hand and operating it with the other, then the extra weight of the iPad Air over the iPad mini with Retina Display is eventually going to catch up with you. In which case the more mobile user should go for the iPad mini with Retina Display.看看你一天中都是如何用于平板电脑的。如果你想一款可以在休息或双脚时用于、一般来说只需单手抵肩用另一只手操作者的平板电脑,那么iPad Air相对于iPad mini 2的额外重量最后不会显现出来。

在这种情况下,对移动性市场需求更加强劲的用户就应当自由选择iPad mini 2。If your iPad is going to be used more at a desk, while sitting down, and where you have a chance to rest it somewhere, then I would go for the physically larger screen and longer battery life. Which means the iPad Air.如果你坐着在桌前用于iPad的时候更加多,并且有机会在桌上去找个地方承托iPad,那么我引荐屏幕尺寸更大的、续航时间更长的,也就是iPad Air。

There’s not much in it, and I’d be interested to read which decision you have come to. Is it the smaller mini, the larger Air, or one of the quirky older Apple tablets for you? And how did you come to that decision?就是这么非常简单。我很想要告诉读者不会如何自由选择。